Grupul de artisti stransi sub umbrela VRTW, lanseaza astazi proiectul „Dribbler’s Creative Remixes” cu un remix al piesei „Dupa pod”, piesa interpretata de Alexandrina. Ei isi explica initiativa astfel: „The re-orchestrated version of „Dupa pod” („After the bridge”) from Romanian artist Alexandrina is the aural vehicle with which you will revisit the mystical and predictive atmosphere of the original piece. The high-level synergy in the ecosystem of this remix is achieved and maintained by a careful selection of frequencies and musical elements to which, prolonged and undulating delays are often attached. The precise percussion and two bass lines – linked like a double helix of nucleic acid – make up the platform on which the vocalist’s hypnotic voice grows like a warm tree musk. She murmurs in low octaves, instructions that are essential to the outcome of the mysterious adventure of the main character, and the lyrics are a metaphorical jewel built by the association of schematic symbols in whose interpretation the limit is the imagination of the listener.”

Remixed by Dribbler





Mastering: Batz (Rotopercutor) Artwork: Koma Sinistro // Distributed by Vinyl, Rum, Tapas & Wine |