Robin Williams "F*ck life"

Robin Williams “F*ck life”

Într-un interviu acordat in 2010 secţiunii de podcast “WTF” realizata de Marc Maron, actorul Robin Williams vorbea deschis despre sinucidere.

Robin Williams_Nicolas GuerinRobin Williams: “No that’s weird. When I was drinking there was only one time, even for a moment where I thought “F*ck life”. And I went like, then even my conscious brain went like “Did you honestly just say “F*ck life”. You know you have a pretty good life as it is right now. Have you noticed the two houses? Yes. Have you noticed the girlfriend? Yes. Have you noticed that things are pretty good even though you’re not working right now? Yes. Let’s put the suicide over here and discuss it. Let’s put that in the discussion area.

First of all you don’t have the balls to do it. I’m not going to say it out loud. Have you thought about buying a gun? No. What were you going to do, cut your wrist with a water pick? Maybe…

Can I put that here in the “What the F*ck!” Category. Can I ask you what you’re doing right now? You’re sitting in a hotel room with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Is this maybe influencing your decision? Possibly.

OK. And who’s that in the bed over there? I don’t know. Well don’t discuss that with her cuz she may tweet it. This may not be good… let’s put that over here. We can talk about that in therapy or maybe a podcast two years from now. You wanna talk about it in a podcast? No I feel safe. You’re talking about it in a podcast. Who is this? It’s your conscience Asshole.

Oh ok…”

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“WTF” este o serie de audio podcast realizata de actorul de comedie Marc Maron. Episodul în care a fost invitat Robin Williams poate fi ascultat în întregime cu un clic aici. Robin Williams a murit luni 11 august. Se pare că actorul, care suferea de depresie, s-a sinucis. Conform AFP, el a fost gasit spanzurat si cu incheietura mainii crestata.