Adidas - "Take it to the streets" by NeochaEDGE

Adidas – “Take it to the streets” by NeochaEDGE

NeochaEDGETo support adidas Originals’ ZX Family “Take it to the Streets” campaign, we developed an out-of-home (OOH) project leveraging guerrilla-style executions of wheatpaste street art posters throughout Beijing and Shanghai.

The posters were 1-to-1 full body-sized photography portraits of street-fashion models styled in Originals’ looks and wearing different ZX footwear. The posters were given a raw, selective desaturated treatment in which the models were made a muted black-and-white, while the ZX footwear were made bright and bold. The model poses in the posters were pre-designed to fit a variety of fun, unexpected, and interactive urban environments in both cities. The concept integrates different ZX footwear with street fashion, culture, and attitude in an authentic, creative way. We only got arrested once pulling this off…

We created a short making-of documentary to capture the whole effort, from model photography and styling in our studio, to the graphic design and poster production, through to our street art teams in Beijing and Shanghai executing the artwork in the cover of night. Check it out.

adidas Originals – ZX Family – Take It To The Streets from NeochaEDGE /// 新茶锋潮 on Vimeo.

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